Tribal Mythology Fusion

Tribal Mythology Fusion

3 Mires: “Goddesses of Destiny” Saturday April 15th 4:30pm-6:30pm

Where mythology meets tribal fusion and the goddesses of fate in ancient Greece dance together on stage, the three Moires play the primary role of inspiration in this choreography. The Fates were three and defined the fate of people weaving the thread of life.

In this seminar we will learn how we can portray a character incorporating it into our dance movement and will explore new combinations and techniques of Tribal Fusion full power and intensity. Through these techniques we learn to control our movement and to define perfectly as the Fates defined the fate of people.

Cost: $60 at the door or $50 pre-registered
**Kids Special $30 (for kids under 12 years old)
Event information
 1618 Cotner Ave Los Angeles CA 90025
 Christiana Kyratzouli

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